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Introducing The Megabus Promo Code (Coupon Code) Discount

Megabus NYC

Enter, your ORIGINAL savings source for up-to-the-minute megabus promo code releases and a super-sweet new discount treat, our Megabus Promo Code Coupon.

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Even though using our megabus promo code coupon may be the savvy bus rider's best-kept secret, it's NO secret that megabus is fast becoming the premiere bus travel provider in the United States and Canada, offering some of the cheapest bus tickets known to man when you 1.) plan ahead, 2.) click our discount coupon, 3.) book early online. Simple.

FACT: Megabus is officially the first luxury, low-cost, express inter-city bus transportation service to offer a select number of $1 bus tickets on each and every bus trip.

Bus Travel with our Megabus Promo Code Coupon: Your Best Transportation Option?

Megabus Promo Code FREE seats

High gas prices are here to stay, planes, trains and automobiles all have their cache, but the truth is bus travel is easily becoming a lot more appealing, thanks to luxurious, modern coaches paired with our megabus promo code coupon, already low bus fares and timely, convenient service between most major cities.

But is megabus really the best transportation option for domestic travel within the United States and Canada?

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights when motoring the open road on a mega bus...

  • Cheap Bus Tickets – Megabus may not have introduced the concept of one dollar, but they’re certainly drawing attention to it by trading them for bus tickets. While snagging an early bird dollar bus ticket will definitely get your blood pumping and heart racing with savings euphoria, getting cheap bus tickets anytime you book through our exclusive coupon is virtually guaranteed!

  • ECOnomical - Not only does mega bus offer some of the best deals in bus travel with their cheap bus tickets, like a MEGAcarpool, bus travel can also be considered an eco-friendly option when using it as transportation from a to b, to c, or wherever else you need to be. In fact, riding mega buses could be one of the most ECOnomical travel choices one makes: megabus double-deckers are GREEN CERTIFIED, producing less CO2 emissions than the average car. Wow! Doesn’t it feel awesome to be environmentally conscious? We think so.

  • Ultra-Modern Coaches - Bus travel is definitely not the low rent option it once was–today’s mega bus coaches are the latest models available, they're reliable, clean, almost luxurious, packed with all the modern features and accoutrements you’d expect like plush seating, wifi, panoramic windows, seat plugs, tables etc.

  • Safe, Comfortable - If you’ve ever ridden a bus anywhere else in the world, like if you’ve ever stayed at a seedy highway motel à la Bates, stepping onto a megabus will have you thinking you’re about to ride the Ritz Carlton of coaches. These buses feature luxurious reclining seats, on-board restrooms and all are equipped with mobility access. Buses are inspected regularly for safety, and all drivers are carefully selected, screened and trained for high standards of service.

  • Convenient, Reliable - Buses run routes from over 100 US cities, chances are, wherever you need to go, megabus can get you there. Running a tight schedule is where mega bus also shines, buses are usually punctual and reach their destinations right on time, plus there's also a mobile app for iOS and android smartphones that can track coaches arrival and transit times. How sweet is that?

  • Meet Interesting People - It's safe to say that virtually every time we've taken a mega bus we've struck up a conversation with a really cool fellow rider. Of course, that's not to say that you HAVE to feel chatty to enjoy your bus travel, you can always fire up Netflix over the on-bus wifi connection or slip into the latest Taylor Swift album featuring Jay-Z (that would be sic, somebody call someone)... we're just super-social when traveling, nah mean?

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  • Using a Megabus Promo Code

    Megabus Promo Code How To

    Megabus Promo Code - STEP 1
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    STEP 4
    Enjoy your mega bus trip!

    2013 Megabus Promo Codes Issued

    No megabus promo code? No problem. Our mega bus code tracking bot captures the latest promotion codes whenever they're released, so if there's no discount code shown in the search results box at the the top of the page, there are currently no valid megabus promo codes available (N/A).

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    Here are the megabus discount codes released so far this year:

    NOTE: megabus coupon codes expire after a limited time, valid codes will be displayed in the "Megabus Code Tracking" box. The following megabus promo codes are displayed for your reference.

      Jan 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

    • IHEARTX – 10,000 seats available for travel on megabus Texas during February. $1 mega bus tickets will still remain in effect after this megabus promo code expires, though quantities will be limited. Be sure to purchase your bus tickets early for the best price.

    • Feb 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

    • TRYMEGABUS - From January 9th to February 28th mega bus is giving away 200,000 FREE seats with this most excellent megabus promo code. Yes, you read that right! Book your mega bus tickets today using this meagabus promo code for a shot at a complimentary ride, but HURRY, these seats are sure to go FAST.

    • Mar 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

    • N/A - No promotion code issued, use megabus coupon.

    • Apr 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

    • N/A - No promotion code issued, use megabus coupon.

    • May 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

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    • Jun 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

    • Summer Seat Sale! - $5 to $9 seats available on Tues, Weds and Sat for travel during month of June, no megabus promo code required. Must book online at least 7 days prior to travel. Minimum of 20 $5 - $9 seats avaialable for each route, better chance to score so book early. NOTE: $1 bus tickets still in effect for June with limited availablity.

    • Jul 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

    • N/A - No promotion code issued, use megabus coupon.

    • Aug 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

    • N/A - No promotion code issued, use megabus coupon.

    • Sep 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

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    • Oct 2013 Megabus Promo Code:

    • N/A - No promotion code issued so far, use megabus coupon.

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    Getting To Know Megabus

    megabus UK

    Spawning from the United Kingdom in 2003 as a “bus child” of Stagecoach Group, megabus made its' way across the pond in 2006, establishing service in the United States under the Stagecoach subsidiary, Coach USA.

    Beginning with an east coast hub in Chicago with service to Detroit, Pennsylvania, Cleveland, Cincinnati and more, by 2007 megabus had crossed the country, expanding their bus transportation service and selling cheap bus tickets on their sexy new coaches to customers on the west coast including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Arizona.

    The megabus route expansion continued in 2008 with new service hubs in New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C., as well as Philadelphia and Baltimore among other major cities.

    Today, with over 30 million customers served, megabus continues to add new bus routes and expand their exceptional transportation service across the country. Megabus is now operating in over 100 cities including:

      Megabus Chicago

      Arrival and departures for Chicago operations is located adjacent to Union Station on the east side of South Canal Street, ~300ft south of Jackson Blvd. Arrival and departure for bus travel to and from Madison is operated by Van Galder and is located at the corner of W Jackson Blvd and S Canal St.

      Megabus NYC

      Located on 34th St between 11th Ave and 12th Ave three blocks west of the Penn Station subway stop. The 34th St stop is also next to the MTA bus stop. Arrivals located at the intersection of 7th Ave and 28th St., departures for Binghamton, New Brunswick, Princeton and Atlantic City are located in the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

      Megabus Dallas

      Stop in Downtown Dallas is located at 330 North Olive Street, DART East Transfer Center. Buses arrive/depart from docks H and I (NOTE: No cars are allowed on property-external parking facilities available). The stop in Grand Prairie is located at 710 Davis St.

      Megabus Philadelphia

      The Philadelphia hub is located at the 30th St. Station on the NORTH side of John F. Kennedy Boulevard, there’s an additional stop for strictly New York bound customers at Independence Hall, located on the south side of Market Street just west of the Market and North 6th Street intersection.

      Megabus DC

      The hub for Washington, DC is at Union Station, 50 Massachusetts Ave. All departures will be from the bus deck above the top level of the Metro train.

      Megabus Boston

      The Boston hub is located at South Station: Arrivals at gate 13, departures at gate 25 and 12.

      Megabus Atlanta

      In Atlanta the main hub is located at the Civic Center MARTA Station at 435 West Peachtree Street NW.

      Megabus Los Angeles

      Arrivals and departures from Bus Bay 8 of Union Station's Patsaouras Transit Plaza at One Gateway Plaza. Upon entering the Union Station main entrance, walk straight ahead through the pedestrian tunnel towards the train platforms, turn right at the end and walk up the ramp to Bus Bay 8. From Patsaouras Transit Plaza, enter the Plaza off of Vignes St.

    Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Megabus

    Los Angeles to Las Vegas on Megabus

    In 2008 megabus pulled some of its’ west coast routes due to low ridership, now they’re back with a vengeance and doing better than ever, so if you're a "West-Sider Rider," it's time to represent.

    Vegas Baby, Vegas!

    The route we’re obviously most excited about is from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, because we're often staying in L.A., and we love driving to vegas, well, not so much the driving, that's why we super-love to hit up the mega bus Los Angeles Union Station stop and leave the driving to a professional.

    So if you plan To Live and Die in L.A., or just find yourself in the City of Angels needing a dose of devilishness, you're probably gonna wanna get away for a long weekend here and there, and what better place to go and let loose than your friendly neighborhood Sin City?

    Driving form Los Angeles to Las Vegas takes around 4.5 hours and will cost you about $120 dollars round trip in gas plus wear and tear on your vehicle. Flying can cost as little as $130 on Spirit Airlines, or as much as $300 on Southwest Airlines, depending on how far in advance you book your plane ticket.

    If you buy your bus tickets early enough, however, there's a good chance you can score one of the coveted $1 bus tickets from Los angeles to Las Vegas, if not, mega bus will still usually get you from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for under $30, and always under $60: no security checks, no x-radiation scanners, no wear & tear on your ride, and no need to keep your eyes open wide, just sit back, relax and enjoy your luxurious mega bus trip to The Disney Land of The Desert, The Land of C.R.E.A.M. & Honies, Vegas baby, Vegas.

    What are you waiting for? Hop on a mega bus today!

    NOTE: Don't forget to check for a megabus promo code in our automated search box at the top of the page.

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